PCN Feature on SAP S/4HANA for product compliance

SAP customers using SAP S/4HANA for product compliance are now able to manage poison centre notifications (PCN) as a compliance requirement with the new PCN feature. In a recent blog post, SAP gave a preview of this new feature. This means that all SAP customers, whether on S/4HANA for product compliance or using SAP ECC, can manage UFIs for PCN notifications to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

We’re happy that SAP consults with us for the development of the new poison centre notification app. We look forward to fully integrating opesus EPN into this new PCN feature in S/4HANA for product compliance to benefit all of our current and future customers.

Producers and importers of hazardous chemical mixtures are required to provide information in the harmonized poison centre notification (PCN) format to ECHA. From the first deadline (1.1.2021) to date, ECHA has received close to 2 million product notifications in the PCN format. More than 50% of those notifications were submitted by companies who are running opesus EHS Product Notification on their SAP system.

opesus EPN for the PCN format is tightly integrated with SAP. Product stewards using SAP Product Safety (previously SAP EH&S) can easily identify mixtures that are affected by the requirement, generate UFIs, and submit notifications directly to ECHA using system-to-system integration. Enhanced with process automation and built-in algorithms that protect confidential business information, opesus EPN is the market-leading solution for product notifications.

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