Software Update: opesus EHSM Smart Input Gets a New Search Tool

opesus EHSM Smart Input (ESI) got an update

Our latest software update for opesus EHSM Smart Input (ESI) comes with some improvements and fixes. The biggest improvement is the addition of our “Compliance Data Object Search”. This makes the search function more powerful and user-friendly as it is now more adaptable to your needs. As part of ESI, the search function will be updated and improved on a continuous basis.

What is the Compliance Data Object Search about?

The Compliance Data Object Search – or CDO-Search – is not a completely new thing. It has been around for a while but never as a distinctive menu option. Since many customers asked for the CDO-Search in ESI, we added it to our product and improved the features to make search results even more relevant to your needs. Here are some things you can do with the new CDO search:

  • Customize your search results: The CDO-search allows you to customize the search result list in your SAP EHSM backend. This way you can decide which compliance requirements are most relevant to you. Is it for example RoHS, REACH-SVHC, or Automotive IMDS? Your choice will then be displayed in the search result list by default. This means that users can immediately see the compliance of each search result according to legal requirements.
  • New search parameters: There are now more parameters to choose from when creating a search. You can, for example, also search for compliance requirement revisions that have been used for products in the past but are now set to historic. This makes it easier to search for supplier parts.
  • Start a new search from scratch: When working with a lot of data, search queries can be quite extensive. When you want to start a new search, your last query is probably not relevant anymore. You don’t want to first load and then remove 1000 parameters from your search. Therefore, we now empty the search mask so you can start a new query faster and more easily.
  • Handle big amounts of data: It is now easier to handle bigger amounts of data at a faster pace. This does not only give you a better overview of your data but also saves you valuable time.

Other Improvements

  • Search for (Not) Intentionally Added Substances: Some of our customers also requested the possibility to define (Not) Intentionally Added substances in the Regulatory Substance List Declaration. This function is now available and will make your EU RoHS declarations easier. In our new search, you can also search for those parameters and for example search for all entries that contain Intentionally Added or Not Intentionally Added substances.
  • Create and update custom-listed substance groups: Instead of entering each substance manually, you can now use a simple Excel upload to create and update your custom-listed substance groups in your Regulatory List Maintenance.

Do you have questions or want to have more information on opesus EHSM Smart Input or our other products? Contact us! We are happy to help you find the best solution for your business.