opesus Annual Donation 2023: Sara Protectora

Sara Protectera cares for more than 350 animals

We are delighted to announce that this year's donation, made on behalf of all opesus customers, is dedicated to supporting Sara Protectora on Lanzarote.

Sara animalsThe selection of this organization was made by our newest team members – Yannick, Sofia, Alexandra, Kalvin, Mauro, Gonca, and Jordi – who joined us this year. Mauro had the opportunity to visit the facility and can assure that the financial support reaches where it is most needed.

Sara Protectora is fervently dedicated to the protection and care of abandoned animals. Our donation is not only an expression of gratitude to our customers but also a contribution to fostering a compassionate environment for animals in distress.

We are pleased to be part of this initiative and look forward to collectively making a positive impact on animal welfare in Lanzarote alongside our customers. Together, we are proud to support the invaluable work of Sara Protectora and contribute to creating a better world for animals in need.

Thanks to all our customers who made this happen!