Create ECHA Poison Centre Dossiers with opesus EHS Product Notification

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Tested, checked, and released. The opesus EHS Product Notification software creates poison centre dossiers in the Poison Centres Notification (PCN) format.  

In other words, you can now create and download dossiers from your SAP system. After that, simply upload the dossier to the ECHA Submission PortalThis way, you fulfill the requirements of Art. 45 and Annex VIII to the CLP regulation for your product portfolio. 

Our previous software release focused on data points for the CLP regulation: The regulation introduced new data points. For example, the UFI and product category.  Additionally, we created a rule-set that protects the composition of your mixtures while being compliant with the regulation. 

For our most recent software release, the goal was to create dossiers in the PCN format. Due to the complexity of data details needed, it took us some time to test the correctness of the created dossiers. But now we got it right and couldn’t be more thrilled! Therefore, we are pleased to present to you our software:
opesus EPN now supports the end-to-end process of product notifications! This includes notifications to the Poison Centres as required by the CLP regulation. 

Features of opesus EHS Product Notification 

With our software, you can: 

  • Search for products and mixtures that are categorized for physical and health hazards, 
  • Create UFIs for your products, 
  • Protect the formulations of your mixtures with the randomized algorithm, 
  • Assign product categories according to European Product Categorisation System (EuPCS), 
  • Validate all data required for a PCN dossier, 
  • Create correct PCN dossiers in the right format, 
  • Track the status of your notifications and the PCN number of your products, 
  • Manage user access in managing notifications 

With this version, you download the PCN dossier and manually upload it to the ECHA Submission Portal. In the future, you’ll be able to submit dossiers directly out of your SAP system with a system-to-system integration.* 

If you’re using SAP EH&S and are still sourcing software to support you with the complex requirements of Art. 45 and Annex VIII to the CLP, contact us! 

To learn more about opesus EHS Product Notification and the product notifications that we support, check out our website. 

*pending version 2 of the ECHA Submission Portal