opesus at DSAG EH&S and VCI EHS IT Workgroup Meetings

opesus was on the road again last week. On Nov 11th, at the meeting of the of the German SAP User Group (DSAG), and the next day, on Nov 12th, at the EHS IT workgroup of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). Markus Pogrzeba is the deputy speaker of the DSAG EH&S workgroup. Additionally, he spoke on the latest updates on CLP Art. 45 at the VCI EHS IT workgroup.

EH&S workgroup of the German SAP User Group (DSAG)

In the same vein as the SAP Sustainability Innovation Days 2019, the presentations at the DSAG EH&S workgroup focused on the S/4HANA roadmap. What stood out for us was the voiced concern on communication throughout the supply chain. Especially with the CLP Art. 45 for poison centre notifications, we realized that communication on UFIs in the supply chain will be increasingly important.

How is your company handling communication within your supply chain? Would you be interested in discussing a solution together with us? Let us know.

EHS IT workgroup of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI)

At the VCI meeting, Markus Pogrzeba who is the product owner of opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN), opened his presentation with the latest updates on our software. We successfully did a pilot test with ECHA on the system-to-system integration. While it is not perfect yet, Markus shared with the workgroup recommendations that opesus had sent to ECHA.

Our development team is now in the final phases of testing the system-to-system integration. This new feature will make it possible to submit dossiers in the PCN format directly out of your SAP system. Additionally, a status update will be pushed into your SAP system. This new feature will be available in the next release of opesus EPN.

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