Webinar: Preparing Your Business for SCIP Notifications

Laptop for Preparing Your Business for SCIP Notifications

Are you supplying articles and complex objects on the EU market? If you are, the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) might affect you. EU suppliers of articles and complex objects that contain substances from the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC) are required to submit information to the SCIP database. This requirement kicks into effect from 5th January 2021.

Preparing Your Business for SCIP Notifications

On 3rd September 2020, we conducted a joint webinar with REACHLaw.  The goal of the webinar was to give a holistic understanding of complying with the requirements of the WFD and SCIP from legal and practical perspectives.

Tim Becker (Senior Legal Advisor, REACHLaw) and Frederik Johanson (Partner, REACHLaw) gave insights into the status of the SCIP database and the requirements for compliance. Matt Dion (Product Owner, opesus) shared practical ways to create SCIP notifications for SAP customers.

Benefits of Using an Integrated Solution for SCIP Notifications

The WFD requires details about your articles and complex objects. If your company is using SAP, this webinar gave insights to opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN). EPN is a market-leading solution that is integrated with SAP. With opesus EPN for the EU SCIP format, you can:

  • Create notifications that meet the format requirements of IUCLID for SCIP
  • Submit notifications via system-to-system (S2S) integration
  • Keep an overview of products that require submission of a notification to the ECHA SCIP Database
  • Manage REACH Regulatory Content efficiently
  • Handle SCIP declarations from your supply chain efficiently
  • Manage submissions to the SCIP database completely within your in-house ERP system

IIf you missed the webinar but want to learn more about how opesus EPN can help you, contact us!