opesus Annual Donation 2019: Amazon Forest

Thank you

Every year at opesus, we make a donation on behalf of our customers instead of sending them opesus-branded Christmas gifts. Last year we donated to the Himalayan Stove Project, a philanthropic organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of the Himalayan region of Nepal. This year we look to the other side of the world – the lungs of our planet Earth – the Amazonas.

The 2019 donation goes to the Amazonas project under the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). As every year, the new opesian decide on the good cause to donate for. We decided to donate to this project as our colleague, Rafael Machado who just joined us this year, comes from Brazil.

As you probably know, the Amazon is a vast region that covers about 40% of the South American continent. It has 1.4 billion acres of forests and is half of our Earth’s remaining tropical forests. The Amazonas project comprises the WWF’s commitment to the long-term protection of the Amazon. They do this through several activities such as implementing deforestation-free supply chains and protecting indigenous territories.

The World Wide Fund for Nature is one of the largest nature conservation organizations in the world. In key ecological regions, the WWF makes an effective contribution to the preservation of biological diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of nature.20191220 Annual Donation 2019 - WWF Amazonas

If you want to learn more about the World Wide Fund and the Amazonas project, check out www.worldlife.org/places/amazon