opesus Demo at SCIP IT User Group – 4th Sep


opesus has been part of the ECHA SCIP IT User Group since Oct 2019. The SCIP IT User Group meets monthly to discuss IT improvements, challenges, and issues surrounding the ECHA SCIP database. One of the main topics of discussions is around system-to-system integration (S2S) between a customer’s ERP system and the ECHA SCIP database.

Opesus Demos EHS Product Notification for EU SCIP Format

We were honored that ECHA asked us to present our solution at the SCIP IT User Group meeting. In the meeting on 4th September 2020, Andreas Müller presented the end-to-end process of using the solution opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN) to create SCIP notifications.

The demo is especially interesting for SAP customers as EPN is embedded within SAP. Opesus EPN is designed to run stand-alone with SAP ERP but can leverage SAP EHSM if available. Therefore, customers can start preparing their SCIP notifications right now. They can implement SAP EHSM at a later point in time if desired.

In his demo, Andreas showed the following:

  • The innovative architecture of opesus EPN
  • How opesus EPN integrates with SAP ERP and EHSM
  • How to use opesus EPN to manage SCIP obligations

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